Arrow prides itself on being an environmentally friendly company. Our paper awareness campaign ensures all staff and management recycle all paper and cleaning cloths as a way of minimising the waste of materials.


Energy saving strategies in place also play a major role in the conservation and environmental fight against the effects of global warming.

Arrow aids the environment through its choices of cleaning chemicals which are tested and proven as environmentally friendly. In addition to being environmentally friendly our products are chosen on quality, durability, safety and appropriateness for the required job

As part of our responsibility to protect and enhance the environment Arrow will:environ2
• Train all staff in such a manner that the full effect of environmental issues and consequences are both flagged and properly understood by all employees.
• Develop and support environmental standards for use in our operations.
• Investigate and document at length any environmental concerns and or accidents.
• Consider and analyse the environmental impact of new products and operations.