Policies & Security


All our staff and contracting agents are owner operators, handpicked to align to our mission statement and superior workmanship philosophy.

All our staff and contracting agents are security screened / police checked.

Arrow prides itself on having punctual, reliable and trust worthy staff. As well as providing superior workmanship and service we ensure our staff are responsible for the locking and security of your facility.image-education

All staff are trained in the operating procedures of your alarm system. Any codes and other confidential information issued to us is treated in the utmost confidence with only the management and the supervising cleaner on duty having access to this information.

Arrow maintains a stringent training program, which includes:

  • Comprehensive classroom style induction training new staff in all aspects of commercial cleaning including HACCP requirements, Safety with Chemicals and OH&S requirements (The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007).
  • Training in risk management so that the proper precautions and measures are always taken such as wearing safety gloves and equipment so to eliminate and isolate any accident from occurring.
  • On site training conducted by the cleaning manager ensuring contracted requirements are met. The cleaning manager will attend at each cleaning service of your facility until they are satisfied that the cleaner fully understands the requirements of the services to be performed.
  • Refresher training courses held twice a year for all cleaners in cleaning methods and equipment
  • Understanding and operating building security systems and requirements correctly
  • Understanding and responding to client needs as required
  • The correct completion of Run Sheets at each cleaning service to guide the cleaner and ensure the client is satisfied with the service.


OH&S Legislation & Work Cover Regulations set by the Victorian State Government.

Arrow are proactive in the health and protection of our employees by ensuring the Australian Occupational health and safety standards are followed when in the work place to avoid any work related injury. Arrow promotes a safe work place making it essential for all employees to adhere to the safety practices put in place by management. image-caution

All employees must report any safety issues which may cause harm to staff members, in order for management to deal with the issue at hand, and provide a safe working environment. All employees must communicate if they are un-sure about any emergency evacuation routines or any other relevant safety issues. All electrical equipment and cords are regularly inspected for safety and power efficiency.

The key elements of the Victorian Occupational Health & Safety Compliance framework are detailed to new staff members during training.

We always ensure our OH&S policies are kept up to date and continuously improved for the benefit of our staff and clients.

Workers Compensation, as well as Business Insurance, including Public Liability. Certificates of Currency can be supplied on request.

Arrow Facility Services are fully covered for Workers Compensation as well as Business Insurance.
We have Public Liability insurance policy to the value of $20,000,000. We have current Workcover insurance for all of our employees.

All our employees are paid in accordance with the Cleaning Service Industry award. Industrial relations policies and procedures are in line with the National Code of Practice for our Industry.

Working under the guidelines of our Industry Award, (MA000022 – Cleaning Services Award 2010) we are continually upgrading our Industrial Relations Policy to improve our status of being a ‘preferred service provider’ for Clients in our target market. Our industrial relations policies and procedures are in line with the National Code of Practice for our Industry.